How can you sell Security as a business priority?

A presentation at Sales Engineering Finland Meetup in in Helsinki, Finland by Bruno Amaro Almeida

Security is a crucial part of Engineering projects but is often disregarded as something to be added later. DevOps culture today is a reality for many engineering teams. With the evolution of DevOps tooling and practices, there has been a shift in this trend.

Teams are now looking into security as part of their day to day and effectively establishing a DevSecOps Culture.

However, one aspect remains the same throughout the years: Engineers struggle to explain and “sell” the importance and need for security practices and tooling to Management & Business people. In this talk, we are going to explore the unlikely similarities between Security, Sustainability and Green Economy. In the past, selling eco-friendly products, despite the positive connotation to the market, was not seen as a business priority. Today, it is close to a requirement to enable a company to remain competitive.

Security is the new green. Using green economy as an example, we will cover some of the common tricks and pitfalls that will enable a DevSecOps team to transform security requirements into business drivers to their company.


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