20-Minutes to Kickstart your AWS AI & ML Knowledge

A presentation at Data Natives Unlimited 2020 by Bruno Amaro Almeida

AI and Machine Learning are key areas of investment, growth and differentiation for many companies. In recent years cloud technologies and managed services made building solutions using AI/ML affordable and easy to experiment with, propelling its fast adoption and lowering the barrier to engineers and data enthusiasts.

In this session, tailored to engineers and technical folks without prior data science knowledge, we will learn the fundamentals about AI and Machine Learning in AWS. We will have an overview of algorithms and the concepts of data collection and preparation. We will explore different AWS managed services for data science with different levels of abstraction, such as AWS SageMaker - the AI/ML Platform - but also the pre-trained AI/ML model APIs with ready-made capabilities such as AWS Transcribe (Speech-to-Text), Rekognition ( Image & Video Classification) and Comprehend ( Sentiment Analysis ).

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